The Caterpillar Room (from 0 – 2 years)

Caterpillar 03The Caterpillar Room is specifically set up and equipped for babies and children aged 0-2 years with one area carpeted for sensory play, exploring, floor play, quiet time and sleep time and the other area for messy play, table top activities and meal times. The Caterpillar Room is idea for babies and children of this age to explore, play and learn in a safe, colourful and comfortable environment.

The babies and children in the Caterpillar Room have access to many stimulating toys such as Sensory bottles, musical instruments and touchy feely books. They also experience from a range of creative activities such as painting, chalking and gluing. The babies and children are given the opportunity to get messy and have fun with jelly, play-dough, gloop and foam.

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