Outdoor Play

Outside 02We at Forge Fach Day Nursery believe that the outdoors is the ideal environment for experiential learning and learning through play, because it offers unique opportunities to be creative, to move around, to be noisy and to be active.

The outdoors is full of special stimuli such as weather, sounds, smells and textures which can enrich and enhance a child’s learning environment.

Being outdoors enhances all aspects of children’s development: social, physical, creative, cultural and personal. Children with these skills well-developed are better able to learn and to retain that learning. We at Forge Fach Day Nursery place great emphasis on the use of the outdoor environment as a resource for learning as it benefits children in so many ways:

We encourage the children to go outside and participate in a wide variety of activities and ask parents to ensure they have suitable clothes and footwear for all weather.

Outside 01Activities that we do outside in the nursery garden includes:

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